For each product grid it is possible to define specific behaviours and filters. In this sample, filter definitions can be assigned to product categories for the standard category pages and to landing pages. Landing pages are pimcore documents with a special product grid area block within them.


Filter definitions them self are special pimcore objects, where the following aspects can be defined:

  • Page size
  • Available order by options (currently not implemented in this demo)
  • Default order by
  • Preconditions for visible products in the product grid
  • Available filters in the product gird
  • Options for automatic similarity calculations

You also can choose between different filter types, which have influence on the frontend behaviour and on the way the filtering is made in the backend.


Available filter types in this demo are:

  • Filter Category
  • Filter Multi Relations: for product index fields technologies and features
  • Filter Multi Select: for product index fields tentTentPegs, name
  • Filter Multi Select from Multi Select: for product index fields color, gender
  • Filter Number Range Selection: for product index fields matsHeight, matsLength, matsWidth, rucksacksLoad, rucksacksVolume, rucksacksWeight
  • Filter Relation: for product index fields technologies and features


Samples for different filters you find here:


Samples for different landing pages you find here: