The built-in marketing and pricing rule system provides functions to adapt product and cart pricings based on specific conditions.


Currently available conditions are:

  • Date Range
  • Cart Amount
  • Product
  • Category
  • Token
  • Sold (maximum count of rules applied to current cart)
  • Sales (maximum count of rules applied to orders in total)
  • Voucher


Currently available actions are:

  • Product discount
  • Cart discount
  • Gift
  • Free Shipping


In the demo, fowling rules are active;

  • 10% discount for all tents – see Tents
  • Order the rucksack Barrow 60 and get a headlamp for free – see Barrow 60
  • If the cart value is above 200 get 10% discount on the cart
  • Free shipping when a handball ball is in the cart
  • Additional gift if the cart value is above 1000